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The Quilt Tree Opening!!!

The Quilt Tree

9 South Broadway

Nyack, NY


It's opening!!! Yay!!!

Lisa and Stacey will open the new shop on September 19 & 20th and promise refreshments, raffles and revelry! They are working hard to get the new shop together, and already it is sooooo much fun. They have ordered gorgeous fabric and are putting together a beautiful setting for lots of good times. The do have a website ( which is still a work in progress, and they have a Facebook page - The Quilt Tree - where you can see photos of the shop in progess.

Nyack is a great town, and their location is wonderful. There is parking (muni-meter) on the street, meters (taking quarters) around the block, and there is a big municipal lot one block away where you can pay to park all day if you like. There are great spots for lunch (The Art Cafe just down the street is a winner) and a chocolate shop right across the street!! Life is good!!

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