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I am continually amazed (and grateful) that I have ended up being a quilter! I began my journey as a bassoonist and had a wonderful time studying and working in New York City until my son was born in 1990. I then headed into teaching in the field of Early Childhood Special Education and really enjoyed working and playing with the kids.

In 2000, all the members of my family created squares for a quilt to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday. Someone had to put it together, and since I had just left my teaching job, I volunteered to assemble and quilt it. I knew a little about sewing; I am one of seven children with four sisters, and sewing my own clothes was one alternative to wearing my sister’s hand-me-downs. On the other hand, I knew very little about quilting and nothing at all about using a walking foot!

In 2001 my sister-in-law Nathalie (a wonderfully creative quilter who has a fantastic sense of color) gave me a quilt kit full of luscious batik fabrics. Up to this point I had been using very traditional, pale fabrics. Making this quilt revealed two important issues for me; I found that I really needed to organize the color flow of those fabrics rather than to place them randomly, and that it was exciting to work with such luscious, bold fabrics.

Since then I have had the good fortune to teach at a number of local quilt shops where I meet wonderful quilters and friends. Currently I teach and work at The Quilt Tree in Nyack, NY and love to be part of the vibrant quilting community there. I have learned so much from my fellow teachers as well as from the “students”.  I am an avid collector of books and love exploring all the intriguing ideas and techniques that quilters come up with!


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