Been Busy

I'm making one of my favorite quilt patterns for an upcoming class at The Quilt Tree. It starts out looking like this: and using a well-thought-out process, easily turns into this! I've also created this new bag and figured out a simple, clean way to easily install the zipper at the top. Lastly, this is just a nice photo of a walk on the Nyack Piermont Trail. I often walk this before working at the shop. #Handbags #TheQuiltTree

City Sling

I made one of these with some leftover scraps. The directions can be found under the Lessons link. I changed the strap a bit this time to make it adjustable. #Handbags

About Town

I've just finished writing up and printing this pattern. This always takes longer than I think it's going to!! I'll be teaching this bag at The Quilt Tree in December. The pattern will be available there for purchase. #AboutTown #Handbags

Busy, Busy!

Two photos of the same bag. There is an inner hook that changes the shape. I'll be teaching this bag at The Quilt Tree. Here are photos of a Quilt Tree sample I made for a sweet fabric line, Story Collection by Windham Fabrics. The back is the panel with the houses, the front is the pattern Glimmer, by JayBird Quilts. I also finished up a table runner for my sister-in-law! She told me the colors (I hope I got them right) and this seemed like a good design. #TheQuiltTree #Hand